Our Mission…

To offer a safe, welcoming, and intellectually stimulating educational community in which teachers are committed to promoting the success of each student; students are consistently challenged and empowered in their pursuit of significant achievement and educational advancement while also maintaining mutual respect for one another and genuine partnership with the surrounding community..

Our Vision…

The Meadows Valley Public School District will prepare all students for life’s requirements, adventures and challenges.



Special Programs

Schoolwide Improvement Plan

Literacy Intervention Plan

Parents Right Teacher Qualification Notification

Spanish Parent Notification of Teacher Qualification

Continuous Improvement Plan 2018-2019

College and Career Plan Advising-Plan-Narrative Part 1

College & Career Advising & Mentoring Plan 2018-19 Part 2

Master Agreement 2018 -2019

2018-2019 Contracts

Visitor Information:

Meadows Valley School welcomes all visitors to our school. If you are going to be visiting, we ask that you check in at the office and pick up your visitor’s pass. Remember that when you leave you need to check out. Thank you for stopping in!!


Volunteer Information:

Meadows Valley School Volunteers…Make a Difference Everyday! Meadows Valley School is fortunate to have many wonderful community members that care greatly about the students and the overall welfare of the school. We would like to take a moment to thank the numerous volunteers that spend countless hours and extend an enormous amount of energy to the betterment of our school. Without these people, we would not be able to offer as much one on one contact time with students and certain programs would not be available. For the safety of all students and staff and in accordance with Idaho State Code, Meadows Valley School requires that all volunteers pass a background check through the Idaho State Department of Education. If you are interested in volunteering, please pick up paperwork in the school office. Background checks take 3-6 weeks. Thank you for your help in maintaining building safety.