Jenny Schon

Science, yearbook, exploratory, GATE
Work Phone: X270
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I’m Jenny Schon, a new teacher to Meadows Valley teaching some science, yearbook, exploratory and K-5 extension classes. Although new to Meadows Valley, I’ve been in the area since 2010 working for the McCall Outdoor Science School as the Program Coordinator: helping to train and teach graduate students teaching outdoor science to K-12 students. Prior to that I taught middle school science in Montana. And even prior to that, I worked as a Fire Ecologist for the National Park Service in the Southwest. I love playing outdoors – hiking, running, skiing, swimming, mountain biking and exploring the world through my one year-old’s eyes! On my journey through my careers I’ve spent time in and out of many countries and working through several educational degrees, culminating with my PhD in Education.

My favorite quote: “Be the change you wish to see.” Gandhi   

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