Meadows Valley School District #11

Thank you to all the volunteers who came to help remove snow and ice from the roof as well as indoor clean-up. Doug Buys, Leonard Wallace, Shadyn Wallace, Cody Day, Forrest Stanley, Leslie Greenwood, Nate Clark, Ryan Lattimer, Peter Grinde, Mike Davis, Jeff Parnett, Chris Peterson, Sandy McLeod, Steve Newman, Tim Padgett, Burgess Family, Sue, Sydney and Seth Weber, Bill Haynes, Brett Carpenter, Tayo Bond, Justin Peterson, Steve Gerke, Josh Kuhnel, Steve Berry, Matt Howard, Mike Howard, James Bolopue, Claudia and Raynee Bents, Pat Berg, Tracy Zindler, Danna, Nick, Delaney and Maely Ott, and Mark.
Also, a shout out to C & M Lumber, ABT towing, City of New Meadows, Battery Universe, McCall Party Rentals, Incahoots BBQ & Catering, Brown’s Mountain Market, Chrstal Roff, Shanna Roff, Brad Steiner, Linnea Hall and Karen Baker for their contributions.
Meadows Valley School is grateful for everyone’s generosity and support! Thank you!!


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